About Us

 Faron D. Parr Enterprises is the corporation name, owned by Faron D. Parr..

The business was started in 1989 by Jim Byrd as Progressive Data Service. Later Mr. Byrd sold the office supply portion of the business to Gary & Sharon Kegerreis.They had two locations, Portland and Winchester. The Kegerreis’ sold the Winchester location in October 1993 then in November 1993 Faron Parr bought the Portland location. The store was located at 201 N. Meridian Street until November 1998 when Faron bought the Hanlin Drug Store building at 120 N. Meridian Street.


Over the years Progressive Office Products has expanded its customer base to include Jay, Adams, Randolph, Mercer & Blackford County.


Services: Office supplies, papers, custom forms, custom printing, internet service

Computer sales, computer service, networking service, computer accessories, security systems and much more. On-site or in-house service with a 2-4 hour response time.

Office furniture, office layout & design.


In stock is a full line of office supplies, papers, computer parts, printers & systems.

Available next day is office supplies, furniture, computer parts, printers & systems.


Employees: 13 full time & 1 part time


Business hours: Monday-Friday 8-5

                          Saturday 9-5

You can contact us through our website or by phone 260-726-9201